Cool Devices: Operations 5 - 8
Herkunftsland:  Japan
Jahr: 1996
Regie: Kan Matsuda, Yukihiro Makino
Freigabe: Adult(Film)
EAN, Land, Regionalcode: 064572-154516
Laufzeit: 1:40 (100 Min.)
Verpackungstyp: Clamshell
Bildformat: NTSC, Color, 1.33:1, Vollbild
DVD-Format: Einseitig, Einschichtig
Veröffentlicht: 13. März 2000
Sammlungstyp: Besitz
Status: Verfügbar
Kaufdatum: 09. Oktober 2007
Kaufpreis: Versteckt
Bewertung Film: 0 / 10
Operation 5: Seek 1
Mariono Ohkura's an "ordinary girl"... well, "innocent girl" might be closer to the truth. Naturally, Takayuki Sawawatari (the son of a famous masochistic dominator) and little Saki are going to see just how much fun they can have with her mostly unwilling body. First, they're going to teach her all the ways that her body can give her pleasure. Ways that are unknown to her. Ways that are unknown to almost everyone... Saki and her Takayuki are experts in their field, and soon Marino is doing things she never thought of before... actually, more like having things done to her that she never thought of before.

Operation 6: Seek II (SM Queen Saki)
The problem is that Saki's just not a very nice lady. For this there is reason... it seems that Saki no longer understands the difference between pleasure and pain. This was learned at the lap of Takayuki's recently departed father when she was many years younger. Along with Marino from the first story, we see how she mistreats the rest of her acquaintances. Momotomi is whipped into senselessness, and Haruka will get plugged.

Operation 7: Yellow Star
Her mother has married Mr. Fujisawa... a famous detective... a man who is playing his authority for all it's worth. He's involved with some very unpleasant underworld types, and one of his shadier deals is trafficking a unique drug: "Yellow Star". This chemical compound is the ultimate date-rape drug... it accentuates pleasure while depriving its victims of their will. And, our Mr. Fujisava has a seemingly unending supply... and a taste for young women... particularly when they are denied by all conventions to him. His new wife is not enough. He must have her at all costs. Again, and again...
Character design by Yasuomi Umetsu.

Operation 8: Slave Warrior Maya 1
On this world, unimaginable lightyears from Earth, there is a prophecy of a Druid Warrior who will one day arise and vanquish the evildoers. The legend says that the soldier will appear in the humblest of forms... superior to man... or to woman. How can this be? Oh, you'll find out...
Cool Devices: Operations 5 - 8
Cool Devices: Operations 5 - 8
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Production Studios:
 • NuTech Digital
 • Leed Publishing
Japanisch  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
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1Main Feature
 • Szenenanwahl
Kan Matsuda....Regisseur
Yukihiro Makino....Regisseur
Yuriko Yamaguchi....Miran
Yumiko Shibata....Sana Fujisawa
Kumiko Nishihara....Maya Mizutani
Yoko Asada....Marino Ohkura