Dawn of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)
Ultimate Edition
Herkunftsland:  USA
Jahr: 1978
Regisseur: George A. Romero
Freigabe: Freigabe
EAN, Land, Regionalcode: 013131-216790
Laufzeit: 2:19 (139 Min.)
Verpackungstyp: Digipak, Slip Cover
Bildformat: NTSC, Color, 1.85:1 Anamorph Breitbild
DVD-Format: Einseitig, Zweischichtig
Veröffentlicht: 07. September 2004
Sammlungstyp: Besitz (#717)
Status: Verfügbar
Kaufdatum: 03. Februar 2009
Kaufpreis: Versteckt
Bewertung Film: 5 / 10
When there is no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth.

Disc 1: U.S. Theatrical Version
This is the final unrated director's cut from George A. Romero which runs 127 minutes and was released to theatres nationwide in 1979 by United Film Distribution Co. It contains a finished score comprised of original music from Goblin and several library music tracks/cues.

Disc 2: Extended Version
This 139-minute edition is often referred to as "The Director's Cut", when, in fact, the Theatrical edition is George Romero's preferred version. The Extended Version was created to use to premiere the film at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival, and contains numerous additional scenes, gore, and a music score filled with library tracks.

Disc 3: European Version
Running 118 minutes, this edition of the film was edited by producer Dario Argento for use in European territories. This version contains numerous scene extensions, and skips over several scenes from the North American versions of the film. The European Version also contains additional music from composer Goblin.

Disc 4: Documentaries
- The Dead Will Walk
- Documentar of the Dead
- On-Set Home Movies
- Monroeville Mall Tour with actor Ken Foree
Dawn of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)
Dawn of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)
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Media Companies:
 • Anchor Bay Entertainment
Englisch  DTS 5.1
Englisch  Dolby Digital 5.1
Englisch  Dolby Digital Surround
Englisch  Dolby Digital Mono
Audio-Kommentar  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
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1Main Feature (Theatrical Version)
2Main Feature (Extended Version)
3Main Feature (European Version)
4Bonus Materials
 • Szenenanwahl
 • Trailer
 • Making Of
 • Kommentar
 • Galerie
 • Produktions-Notizen
 • "Close Captioned"
 • Dawn Of The Dead comic book, Booklet
Easter Eggs
Insert the first disc of the box set and on the DVDís Main Menu go to the 'Extras' submenu. Once you get there, highlight the menu entry reading 'Main Menu' and then press the 'Down' arrow key on your remote control. The silhouette of a zombie will appear on the screen, giving you access to the bonus footage. It is an almost 5-minute interview clip with Georgeís wife and production partner Chris Romero in which she recalls how the two of them met and how their romance began to flourish.

Another one can be found in the 'Audio Setup,' accessible from the DVDís Main Menu. Once again, highlight the menu entry that reads 'Main Menu' and then press the 'Down' arrow key on your remote control. The silhouette of a zombie will appear and if you press the 'Enter' key it will take you to an interview clip with FX-guru Tom Savini in which he talks about a practical joke he played on his girlfriend and neighborhood kids.

Now insert the second disc of the set and from the Main Menu go to the 'Extras' and then onto 'Still Galleries', from here highlight 'Main Menu' and press the 'Right' arrow key on your remote control, a silhouette of a zombie on the right side is highlighted. Now press 'Enter' and you will see a clip of Gaylen Ross talking about Ice Skating.

To access another egg on the second disc, again go into the Extras. Now select the Commentary. Move down to the Main Menu option and press right to highlight the zombie. Select it to see a segment featuring Greg Nicotero of KNB Effects.

Time to insert the third disc of the DVD set, the one housing the Dario Argento cut of the film. Go to the 'Extras' menu and then to the 'Trailers' menu, from here highlight 'Main Menu'. Using the 'Left' arrow key on your remote control, click until you highlight the zombie on the left. Now press 'Enter' and you will see a clip of John Harrison, the screwdriver zombie from the movie talking about an experience he went through when a fan recognized him while he was bowling and pointed him out as the screwdriver zombie.

And finally, insert the fourth disc of the box set. On the Main Menu press the 'Right' arrow key on your remote control until the zombie on the right is highlighted. Pressing 'Enter' will give you access to a clip of Buddhist monk, Yoshi, who is prominently featured in the film, talking about his experience with 'Dawn of the Dead' back in 1978 and his master's reaction to his student's choice in film.
George A. Romero....Regisseur
George A. Romero....Autor
Richard P. Rubinstein....Produzent
Michael Gornick....Kameraführung
George A. Romero....Schnitt
The Goblins....Komponist
Dario Argento....Komponist
Tony Buba....Sound
Richard Dior....Re-Recording-Mixer
Künstlerische Gestaltung
Tom Savini....Make-up Effects
Josie Caruso....Costume Designer
 European Version
Claudio Argento....Ausführender Produzent
Alfredo Cuomo....Ausführender Produzent
David Emge....Stephen
Ken Foree....Peter
Scott H. Reiniger....Roger
Gaylen Ross....Francine
David Crawford....Dr. Foster
David Early....Mr. Berman
Richard France....Scientist
Howard Smith....TV Commentator
Daniel Dietrich....Givens
Fred Baker....Commander
Jim Baffico....Wooley
Rod Stouffer....Young Officer On Roof
Jesse Del Gre....Old Priest
Officers In Project Apt.
Clayton McKinnon
John Rice
Officers At Police Dock
Ted Bank
Patrick McCloskey
Randy Kovitz
Joe Pilato
Motorcycle Raiders
Pasquale Buba
Tom Savini
Tony Buba
Marty Schiff
Joe Shelby
Dave Hawkins
Taso Stavrakos
Tom Kapusta
Nick Tallo
Rudy Ricci
Larry Vaira
Lead Zombies
Sharon Ceccatti
Pam Chatfield
Mike Christopher
Clayton Hill
Jay Stover
John Amplas....1st Bandit Shot On Rooftop (uncredited)
Dave Bartholomew....Zombie (uncredited)
Christine Forrest....TV Producer (uncredited)
Cliff Forrest....Man at WGON-TV (uncredited)
Roy Frumkes....1st Pie-In-Face Zombie (uncredited)
John Harrison....Screwdriver Zombie (uncredited)
Jeannie Jefferies....Blond Zombie At Truck (uncredited)
Jim Krut....Helicopter Zombie (uncredited)
Tommy Lafitte....Zombie - Miguel (uncredited)
Maxine Lapiduss....Zombie (uncredited)
Lenny Lies....Machete Zombie (uncredited)
Molly McCloskey....Woman at WGON-TV (uncredited)
George A. Romero....TV Director (uncredited)
Donna Savini....Zombie Girl At Airport (uncredited)
Mike Savini....Zombie Boy At Airport (uncredited)
Warner Shook....Maintenance Man Zombie (uncredited)
Robert Williams....Soldier In Project Apt. (uncredited)